SCA-1 Software Development Kit


The SCA1 SDK uses the full power and capabilities of Nemesysco’s LVA7 Technology, the most advanced voice analysis technology available today, to detect and measure different emotional states and evaluate veracity of statements made by conversation parties. This information may be relevant for various intelligence uses, prioritization tasks, risk analysis and more.

SCA1 is designed as a set of COM objects that can be easily integrated into existing lawful monitoring/interception solution and silently analyze voice interactions between several parties. SCA1 can be used to scan ongoing calls or archived recordings, from almost any source.


Product Highlights

  • Scans audio interactions in real-time to detect problematic or interesting scenarios as they develop. Enables automatic alerts to the relevant personnel.
  • Performs efficient offline emotional data mining on archived calls, based on criteria defined by the managers, seamlessly, during normal work procedures.
  • Monitors emotional development of assets over any period of time.

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