John J. Palmatier, PH.D. :
“Both the polygraph and Vericator (earlier version of the LVA 6.50) examiners were able to accurately
discriminate between truthful and deceptive subjects at a rate exceeding chance. The polygraph
examiner achieved an overall accuracy rate of 74%. Concurrently, the Vericator examiner’s overall
accuracy in this case was 84%”


Shlomo Bruk:
Chairman of IPEA (Israel Polygraph Examiners Association)
“it is evident that TrusterPro (earlier version of the LVA 6.50), in both tested modules, offers a degree of
reliability that indicates that the developed instrument is suitable for field work”
Forensic Institute of the Russian Federation


Forensic Institue of the Russian Federation:
“For the On-Line, probability of accuracy comparison with ground truth, was 80%. As the experience of
the examiner increases, so does the accuracy rate…For the Investigation Mode…the product is
accurate in 90% of the time in identifying deception. It can be used as an additional tool in
investigations involving the polygraph …“


Dr. Guy van Damme:
University of Durban Westville, South Africa
“The Truster Pro (older version of the LVA 6.50) is effective to a high degree, which makes it a useful
tool for qualified operators, but which also makes it dangerous for abusive persons…The Truster Pro is
a user friendly, versatile and feasible truth verification instrument…The accuracy, established during our
research, is considered high and more than satisfactory, even excellent (94% to 98%)…“


Prof. Herman Conradie:
University of South Africa, Department of Criminology
“The speech segments from Subject 1 of the PedoStop program is also a good illustration that LVA has
the capability to do what it claims: the system’s focus is more on how things are said than on what is
said to make its findings…It is clear that LVA is a powerful tool to assess the sexual arousal of


Dept. of Psychiatry, Univ. of Tsukuba, Japan:
“If we implement a standards-work for both age and sex and a study of both mood and anxiety
disorders, the LVA will be reliable technology that can assess the depression and anxiety symptom.…”

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