What is LVA-i platform?

LVA-i is a fully automated multimedia testing platform, designed for administration of different types of questionnaires and surveys for a variety of purposes, and performs emotion analysis and/or credibility assessment based on the received vocal responses. The platform is comprised of the LVA-i software and a high quality USB “phone-like” handset.

LVA-I is using Macromedia Flash™ based questionnaires to enable attractive and simple design of questionnaires, flexibility of deployment, and a leverage over the more advanced features of Flash apps.

LVA-I is based on the LVA7 technology, Nemesysco’s most advanced voice analysis technology for in-depth emotional analysis and risk assessment, coupled with carefully crafted questionnaires to meet the needs of our different users.

LVA-i measures the emotional content and/or the integrity risk potential of a person being tested in various topics, allowing the tested parties to express themselves freely in a natural speaking form and in the language they are most comfortable with.

LVA-i uses a “double-stimuli” mechanism, presenting the questions both visually and audibly, to increase the level of involvement and reaction to the questions.

Please note: LVA-i is NOT an “automated polygraph”, as it requires nothing more than the tested party’s voice – and the responses it can process are not limited to “yes” and “no”. In the same manner, the system does not produce a “Lying”/”Truthful” result.

The LVA-i test results include a clear and easy to understand “scores” for each of the tested topics, as well as indications and signs that can be used for follow-up interviews.

The LVA-i platform, equipped with the relevant questionnaires, can be used for many different purposes, including human resources pre-employment screening and vetting, integrity and credit risk assessment, marketing research, employees and customer satisfaction surveys, restricted area access and more.

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