LVA-i-HR Pre-Employment Screening

Fair Integrity Assessment for your Human Resources needs HR professionals face the constant challenge of identifying the most capable and dependable employees from an often very large pool of candidates. Neglecting to conduct effective pre-employment assessments can result in poor workforce productivity, potential law suits, damaged company reputation, and financial loss-all of which threaten the success of your business or organization.

Effective pre-employment screening and employees’ periodical checks can save a lot of money and often assist to minimize the risk of different liabilities companies bare for employees actions.

LVA-i is an interactive multi-lingual automated questionnaires platform based on the Layered Voice Analysis technology. Using emotion detection, truth assessment techniques and carefully crafted questionnaires, LVA-i provides an unprecedented level of insight into the integrity and risk potential of employment candidates. LVA-i is an essential tool for recruitment agencies and in-house HR divisions seeking to optimize the employee screening and selection process. Featuring a fully automated and user-friendly interface, LVA-i requires no technical or assessment expertise for operation and enables you to evaluate a person’s integrity risk quickly and efficiently. Full training of the LVA-i platform operation takes less than one day.

LVA-i-HR Provides

  • Completely automated assessment process
  • Customized questionnaires according to specific needs
  • Intuitive and easy to understand detailed reports
  • Language-independent: Analyzing responses spoken in any language
  • Accessibility mode for color blind candidates/employees

Various pre-employment screening techniques are available to help meeting this challenge. Aptitude tests, background checks and personality profiling aid in the assessment of technical skills, prior experience, and overall credentials of a candidate. But what can employers do to reduce the threat of liability that a potential employee may pose in the future? How can you accurately identify a candidate’s level of risk regarding unlawful acts such as theft, drug use, bribery, or general lack of integrity?

LVA-i-HR Benefits

  • Discover misleading information provided by candidates/employees
  • Reduce employees’ turnover and increase productivity
  • Enhance security and safety of the workplace environment and employees
  • Promote fair hiring practices by providing unbiased assessments

LVA-i leverages Nemesysco’s advanced Layered Voice Analysis technology to estimate a candidate’s liability potential by analyzing the emotional content of his or her voice when responding to specifically designed questions. An LVA-i assessment provides insights into a candidate’s ethical inclinations, identifies what portions of his response he is uncertain about, what questions require more of his mental attention, and what topic areas appear to be sensitive issues for the candidate.

This information is analyzed by the LVA-i engine to produce a final “Risk Report” for the candidate, highlighting any specific areas that may be of concern to an employer.

The benefits of the automated assessment system are many:

  • No intimidation, no preparation – simply refer the candidates to a room with privacy and let the automated voice system guide them through the assessment process. Typically, the whole process takes less than 20 minutes!
  • Immediately generated report – easy to understand, intuitive and instantly produced at the end of the assessment.
  • Language customizable – tests can be generated in a variety of languages.
  • Accessible – minimal operator training required.

Test Themes & Topics

HR Manager or hiring officer may use the Risk Report as a supportive indicator for next-step interviews with the applicant/employee. The standard LVA-i Risk Report contains indications of the level of risk that the potential employee may introduce to the organization in different topics and themes:

  • Theft from place of employment
  • Bribery and Kickbacks
  • Confidentiality and Secrecy
  • Drug Use
  • Alcohol Use
  • Gambling


LVA-i employment systems Unbiased. Informing. Precise.

LVA-i questionnaires can be customized to meet your needs. Other LVA-i solutions include credit risk assessment, marketing research tools and psychological evaluation tools.

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