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Nemesysco’s Layered Voice Analysis core technology (LVA) is based on a proprietary set of vocal parameters found through research to correlate with key genuine human emotions. These vocal parameters were identified from a large repository of audio files captured in different languages and numerous life situations, from police interrogations through call centers to controlled experiments. Many of the parameters Nemesysco’s technology uses are new to the world of phonetics and focus on the uncontrolled properties of the human voice, making the system sensitive to the inner emotions and true feelings of the speaker, at the level that is not controlled by the speaker or can be easily noticed by the listener

InToneTM utilizes over 20 years of research and experience in emotion detection across multiple scenarios, languages and cultures. With Nemesysco’s best practices, InTone becomes a most powerful tool for your call center managment.

InTone Software development kit utilizes Nemesysco’s LVA & Emotion Detection Platform to detect and measure a wide range of emotions and cognitive states “out of the box”. This emotional set includes amongst the others the detection of “Stress”, “Anger”/ “Aggression”, “Happiness”, “Upset”, “Energy” and many more. Together with the BI/AI engine of your choice, it further allows you to define, train and detect additional emotional states to meet some specific customer needs. This unique combination of out-of-the-box detection of a variety of emotions, together with the ability to train the system to detect other emotional states of interest, in real-time or from pre-recorded material, is what makes InTone the most interesting voice analysis technology available today.

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