GK7 The Gatekeeper

Rapid Assessment & Screening / Secured Access Control

  • Airport check-in, boarding desks
  • Customs checkpoints, border controls
  • Prison’s contraband detection
  • Buildings entry and exit
  • Public transportation facilities

Nemesysco’s Layered Voice Analysis (LVA) technology now provides the means to examine not only what passangers are carrying on their body, but to highlight and determine their real intentions in advance.

Recent terror attacks have shown that the rules of game have changed, and that terrorists willingness to lose their own lives has made deterrence and prevention significantly more complicated. The search for concealed weapons, explosives and sharp objects is no longer sufficient. We are now compelled to examine not only what our passangers and visitors are carrying, but to discover their motivations in advance.

Nemesysco’s Layered Voice Analysis (LVA) technology now allows us to do just that.

GK7 is a security access control system, providing an automated voice analysis solution to determine if the purpose of the access is legitimate and no criminal intent exists.

GK7 provides instant security verification and threat assessment before allowing access to high-risk facilities and secured/sterile zones.

Designed for rapid intention verification, by using input from just 3 to 5 questions, GK1 will identify the emotional state of the passenger, allowing its operators to single out passengers with a higher potential of harmful intentions.

Different locations may require different means and methods for security checks, and GK7 is primed to meet these challenges. The diversity and flexibility ranges from a single language manually operated system to multilingual automated posts. The system can operate from a noisy and public high traffic area to a closed intimate checkpoint. GK7 is specifically designed to meet your needs at any level of security.

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