Corporate Officers

Valerie Richardson

President, Chief Executive Officer
Veremetrix Security Solutions LLC (VSS)

Valerie is currently heading up Veremetrix Security Solutions LLC (VSS) as President and CEO. Her responsibilities include ensuring that all aspects of the company, financial, administrative and operations, are working in harmony. Making certain that all of our customers are receiving the most cutting edge voice technology solutions, developed by Nemesysco Ltd (Israel), and guaranteeing that they are experiencing the highest degree of service and support is top priority.

Valerie received her Bachelor (of Music Education) degree from Northern State University in Aberdeen, South Dakota in 1983. She went on to obtain her Master (of Music) degree from the University of Missouri at Kansas City in 1988.

She helped establish VSS and is currently trained and LVA certified by the Israeli Security Ministry.

Bill Richardson

Chief Operating Officer, Senior Vice President,Co Owner
Veremetrix security Solutions LLC (VSS)

Bill helped establish VSS and is currently heading up all operations for VSS, including marketing, sales, implementation, quality control, training and support. Prior to VSS he worked as the technical liaison for a company he helped establish, called “V”. Bill was responsible for working directly with the inventor and developer of the LVA technology to ensure that all LVA systems were properly implemented for end users of his LVA650 “Investigative Focus Tool”.

He has an extensive background in computer engineering and systems analysis. Bill has over 30 years of systems pre-sales, design, software development, hardware, implementation, disaster recovery fail-over, implementation and integration of very large corporate computer systems and networks for many fortune 500 customers. Prior to his commercial systems work he was involved as a civilian military contractor. He developed systems for the Tomahawk Cruise Missile project, Joint Military Air to Ground Telecommunications Systems, military satellite systems, and other projects. He, also, received a Research and Development award for identifying, correcting and enhancing performance of the “Nuclear Missile Warning Display System” at NORAD.

Bill’s primary focus is to ensure that all VSS customers receive the most cutting edge voice technology solutions, through the most efficient, timely and cost effective means possible, and they receive the highest quality customer service throughout the implementation phase and afterward.

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