Voice Analysis Technology




Voice Analysis Technology




Veremetrix is a US partner to Nemesysco LTD an Israeli company, dedicated to the advancement of voice analysis technologies. 


Fields of Operation


Get to know your suspects much faster. Using the combined skills of your professional knowledge and the high sensing capabilities of LVA, the system will lead you to reveal the whole truth much faster than ever before.


Stop insurance fraud.  Our system detects characteristics that may indicate a high probability of fraud or concealment of information. 

Call Centers

Statistics show that out of every 100 calls taking place, 1 to 5 are mistreated. Randomly listening to calls is therefore very ineffective and the alternative of waiting for the customer to complain is simply not a valid option in today’s competitive market.

Credit Risk

In the field of credit risk assessment, the LVA technology is used to verify current facts and examine existing financial and intentional state, to render low, medium or high “risk analysis” for every question. 

HR Recruiting

Know your employee and identify internal fraud, stop theft of merchandise and company funds. 


The LVA™ technology is a proprietary set of vocal measurements, parameters and functions found through on-going research and field studies of real life vocal data to correlate with key human emotions, and is the core of all Veremetrix activities. 

The Emotional Diamond concept was developed in 2012, to simplify the LVA analysis and present in a simple to follow graphical manner 8 of the key emotional parameters LVA can identify, namely: Energy, Passion, Excitement, Uneasy, Stress, Mental Effort, Uncertainty and concentration. The Emotional Diamond concept further illustrates Nemesysco’s basic Personality Test procedures, following repeating emotional traits in a manner that cannot be controlled or deliberately affected by the speaker.

What can Voice Analysis do for you?

Using voice analysis for emotion detection, personality and risk assessment. dedicated to developing advanced and non-invasive investigation and security tools, fraud prevention solutions, CRM applications, consumer products and psychological diagnostic tools. 

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From career choices to personal relationships, from science to art, from infancy to maturity – Understanding human emotions and motivations has always been a key challenge in almost every aspect of our lives.

What People Are Saying

The use of this tool has been of great assistance in many inquiries and processes requested by police authorities and the ministry of justice in Rio Grande do Sul and outside of it. Until this date, we have performed over 1200 tests, all contributing to the clarification of facts, helping to identify those who committed crimes as well as indicate the innocent ones involved. This fact has been a contribution to the reduction of necessary police forces’ time and resources in resolution of crimes. We can proudly state, as pioneers in using this technology that it is of great use to police forces.

Gilson Wives Azevedo

Police Inspector, Department Of Intelligence and Strategic Affairs, State of Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil

We have found that not only does the solution do an excellent job in identifying risk within claims, but that the underlying message is getting through that claims fraud is much more difficult to get away with when processes such as this are in place.

Peter Gallagher

Claims Director, Highway Insurance

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