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Law Enforcement & Security


Gilson Wives Azevedo:
Police Inspector, Department Of Intelligence and Strategic Affairs, State of Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil
"The use of this tool has been of great assistance in many inquiries and processes requested by police authorities and the ministry of justice in Rio Grande do Sul and outside of it. Until this date, we have performed over 1200 tests, all contributing to the clarification of facts, helping to identify those who committed crimes as well as indicate the innocent ones involved. This fact has been a contribution to the reduction of necessary police forces' time and resources in resolution of crimes. We can proudly state, as pioneers in using this technology that it is of great use to police forces”


Charles Nqakula:
Minister for Safety and Security, South Africa
The [High-tech] centre has been used as a platform to test new technologies such as the Layered Voice Analysis…In the relatively short period that we have been using the centre a number of successes have been achieved, including…using the Layered Voice Analysis System during the interrogation of the suspect in the recent murder case of Sheldean Human, seven, in Pretoria”


Michael G. Adsit:
Criminal Investigator, Canastota Police Department, NY, US
“…Without the use of the LVA technology, I truly believe that some guilty may have gone unpunished…The LVA brought a new era into investigative techniques…in the time I have used the system I have had the opportunity to run hundreds of voice stress tests…I have found that my accuracy rate is approximately 97% with confessions and convictions…I truly support the use of LVA and will have no issues in using voice analysis over the Polygraph system”


Detective Dave Beech:
Major Crimes Section, Hamilton Police, Canada
"Hamilton police have used the program about 75 times so far, in cases of homicide, child abuse, sexual assault and infant deaths…It's been very successful in assisting investigators to confirm or refocus where they're going with their investigation “


Dan Westfield:
Security Chief Wisconsin Department of corrections, US
"We have had very positive results and comments on it... the tool has saved the state time and money when used to confirm or deny suspicions and as an aid to keep us focused on an investigative path.”





Peter Gallagher:
Claims Director, Highway Insurance
" We have found that not only does the solution do an excellent job in identifying risk within claims, but that the underlying message is getting through that claims fraud is much more difficult to get away with when processes such as this are in place ”


Gary Owen:
Operations Director, Provident Insurance
“Not only have we identified and defeated a significant amount of high- risk
claims (over a fifth of all claims assessed), we have also been able to identify genuine
claimants right at the outset, which has improved customer service through accelerated
claims handling for legitimate claims from policyholders”


John Hutton:
Work and Pensions Secretary, UK Government:
“Our investigators are successfully using sophisticated 21st century techniques to stop criminals. The introduction of this cutting edge technology will be another weapon in the battle against benefit fraud”





John Swanepol:
Senior Security Officer, Hilton Durban, South Africa
" It is proving an invaluable tool in maintaining our security standards, and already more than justifies the investment we have made in the product. The ease of use and versatility of the Truster Pro (older version of the LVA 6.50), coupled with its high degree of accuracy, means that security investigations are resolved faster and more satisfactorily. I have no hesitation in recommending the system to any company seeking to improve the quality of its security and investigations. ”


Renato Vaz Toledo:
Security Superintendent, Santander Banespa, Brazil
“LVA and HR1 have been a great contribution to our internal investigation solutions and to the quality of our employees' recruitment and maintenance. Our security department is very proud to be one of the pioneers to implement this technology in the banking industry. This action shows our disposition to work with only the best that exists in the field of investigations.
We obtained a significant decrease in investigation time and an increase in the quality of the results. ”

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